Microshading (Ombre/Powder Brow)


  • New MelaBeauty Clients - $350
  • Existing MelaBeauty Clients, 1-2 Year Touch-up - $95

  • MelaBeauty Clients who haven't received eyebrow pigmentation in 2+ years - $350


What is Microshading?

Also referred to as Powder/Ombre brows, during the Microshading procedure, pigment is applied to the clients eyebrows using a tattoo gun, leaving a dense shadow, gradient "make-up" effect. If desired, more than one colour can be used to achieve more depth. Microshading covers more of the exposed skin in comparison to microblading and is more gentle on sensitive skin. 


"Microblading," "Microshading," and "Ombre Powder" brows are all examples of permanent makeup techniques used to achieve specific results based on the clients desired outcome. If you are unsure of what exactly you are looking for, this can be discussed during the pre-procedure consultation.


The procedure package includes:

  • Health history review

  • Skin assessment and allergy testing (if desired)

  • Cleansing and preparation of the treatment area

  • Digital pre-procedure photo

  • Brow mapping technique and brow design

  • Brow design adjustments as needed

  • Procedure topical anesthetic as needed

  • Digital post-procedure photo

  • Aftercare kit and instructions

  • Free 4-6 week touch-up appointment


To book your appointment:

1. To ensure you are an eligible candidate for permanent make-up, and prior to booking, please complete the pre-booking questionnaire here.


2. If eligible, please proceed to the MelaBeauty Booking Page.


Microshading (Ombre/Powder Brow)

  • Review the procedure Pre-Care instructions here.

    ***Due to health & safety procautions, if these instructions are not followed prior to your appointment, your appointment may be cancelled, and you will forfeit your deposit.***


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