Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Permanent Make-Up"?

"Permanent Make-Up (PMU)" is also known as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or permanent cosmetics. It is the process of implanting coloured pigment into the epidermis layer of skin using a tattoo machine, or manual hand tool equipped with a tiny, sterile, disposable needle or a needle cartridge.

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What is Permanent Make-Up?


Are "Permanent Cosmetic" Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

PMU is actually a semi-permanent procedure, but is considered "permanent" tattoos because the results cannot be washed away and can remain visible for 1-5 years (sometimes even up to 10 years depending on application location and skin type). Facial tattooing requires more frequent touch-ups due to the nature of the procedure and delicacy of the area that is being implanted with pigment. Body art tattoo ink is designed to be really permanent and fades in a different way over time.These pigment particles are large  so they become stuck in the dermis. Permanent cosmetic pigments lacks the particle size which body art tattoo ink has, so the colour fades more quickly. If permanent makeup ink pigment molecules were bigger, the colour would be denser and more permanent. 


A: Microblading is a permanent eyebrow procedure that uses a fine blade to place pigment into the surface of the skin.  The effect very closely mimics the look and detail of actual brow hairs, creating a bolder, natural-looking brow . This procedure does not require a tattoo gun and is quite different from a traditional tattoo in terms of procedure, colour, detail, and overall look.  Microblading is simply the best way to create natural-looking brows.  It can also be referred to as eyebrow embroidery or feathering. It is worth mentioning that if you have very large pours or very oily skin, you would not be a good candidate for microblading. You would want to consider a machine brow procedure.


What Pigments do you use?

The pigments used at MelaBeauty contain glycerin, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, aqua, rosin, and DMDM hydantoin. They are gamma ray sterilized, vegan and cruelty-free. They are safe for skin, and are specifically designed & manufactured for permanent cosmetic procedures. 



Q: what is the difference between microblading and a machine/tattooed/powder/ombre brow?

A: Microbladed brows will last between 1-2 years and require more frequent touch ups. They are made with a hand held tool and mimic the look of natural hair. Tattoo or ‘machine brows’ are done with a traditional tattoo machine, and look like a makeup or soft shaded brow. They will last longer than microblading and require less frequent color boosts.



A: All my procedures are booked for 3 hours (brows, lips, liner) some of that time is dedicated to consulting, mapping and applying anesthetic for client comfort. All of my procedures include a complementary touch up appointment which is usually booked for 2 hours, 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure.



A: A topical anesthetic is used to numb the procedure area prior to the needles being used. You can expect some minor level of discomfort during the procedure.



A: Depending on the procedure performed, you are looking at generally 7-10 days before the skin is totally healed over the tattoo. In some cases we gently wash the area and apply after care balm. You will leave the studio with a list of do’s and dont’s after your procedure. You should wait until you are fully healed to swim, sweat, holiday, be in sun and have facial procedures such as boxtox/fillers.



A: Clients require a touch-up appointment within 4-6 weeks of the initial procedure to fill in any areas of the skin that may not have fully retained the pigment - this is completely natural.  The touch-up takes approximately 1 to 2 hours and is complementary.  Please make sure that you are not booking your touch up before your 4 week mark after your initial appointment, after 6 weeks there is a charge.  That said, it is recommended that you book both your initial appointment and touch up on the same day on my booking agent online.  This is because many people do wait until the time that they are due and have trouble finding open appointments.  



A: Everyone's skin is different and therefore may heal differently from this procedure. Depending on your skin type and how well your body heals from small scabs, some areas might retain pigment better than others. Based on our expertise, we will do our best to ensure pigment is placed well within the skin to achieve exceptional results. A small percentage of women might need two touch-ups instead of one based on how the skin heals. Please be patient and know that we are committed to getting you the results you want.



A: Microblading/Machine Brows/Eyeliner/Lip blush is a safe and reliable procedure and suitable for most people.  However, if you have any of the following conditions, please consult with your doctor before attempting this procedure and bring a doctor's note with you to your appointment.  If you have any of the following conditions and do not have a legitimate doctor's note with approval, we cannot perform this procedure for you. There are no exceptions to this rule.

·      Pregnant and/or breast-feeding

·      Diabetic

·      On blood thinning medicationservice

·      Have had injections/fillers in the brow/face area within the last 1 month

If you have any other medical conditions that you are unsure of, please email us at and we will be happy to answer any other health related questions.



A: My studio is located in the heart of Newmarket on Main Street, there is lots of parking around Main Street but it is a busy downtown location so please make sure you leave lots of time to find parking and arrive at your appointment on time.



A: Please check out the "Rates & Booking" page to secure your initial appointment. If you had the area to be worked on previously tattooed or microbladed, you will have to book a consultation with Georgette Dunn. This would be considered a full or corrective appointment and requires quoting prior to booking. In some cases, Georgette Dunn will not work old PMU due to over saturation or damage to the skin.



Q: I’ve had permanent makeup somewhere else that I am unhappy with, can you help me?

A: The first thing that you can do is to book a consultation through my website with me. This will give me an opportunity to have a look at your permanent makeup and chat with you about your expectations/outcomes. Please note, I do not offer touch up fees or lesser priced fees for touching up other peoples work. New clients (whether you’ve had work done previously) would always pay full price and in some cases, much more if it is corrective work and will take more time and expertise to cover/fix/reshape your procedure area.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions that are not answered on my FAQ form.  Thank you!