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Teeth Brightening

Teeth Brightening

Teeth Brightening


MelaBeauty Teeth Brightening Facts

  • Made in North America, Health Canada and FDA approved.

  • The light used is a LED blue light, and is cool so it doesn’t cause any heat damage to the teeth

  • Remineralizer is used after treatment to lock in the whitening and close the pores

  • Each treatment is custom to the client, if someone has a broken or partial fake tooth, we are able to whiten it

  • The gums are protected from damage during the treatment

  • The gels are gentle and don’t cause any sensitivity

  • Anyone aged 12 and up can receive whitening (a vegan gel is used if the client is 16 or under)

  • Your results will be 2-12 shades whiter than before the treatment, but we cannot guarantee where you will land in that range, as results are individual.

  • You can rebook your appointments every 3-6 months

  • What is Brow Lamination?
    A Brow Lamination treatment offers clients the full, fluffy, unkinked brow hair. This is the ultimate solution for brows that are asymmetrical or unruly and hard to tame. MelaBeauty uses InLei® Brow Bomber, a product line entirely made in Italy. "An incredible, revolutionary treatment that has further expanded the vision of eyebrow shaping! InLei® Brow Bomber is a professional eyebrow reshaping treatment that aims to nourish the hair with maximum nutritional capacity, unlike other Brow Lamination products." -
  • How Long Does It Last?
    Brow Lamination will last until your natural brow hair grows out and is replaced by new grown at the roots. This process usually takes 6-8 weeks.
  • Aftercare
    The chemical process of Brow Lamination can be drying to the skin, especially if you are also getting a Henna Brow Colouring or Tinting. Moisturize the brow area with a facial oil once daily, or as needed. . Recommended Product: MelaBeauty "Growth" for Lash & Brow. "Growth" is all-natural and helps to strengthen and thicken lashes. Apply each night before bed.
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