It's not about making you beautiful.  

 It's about giving you the confidence 

 to recognize that you already are

Using a manual, or machine method, high-quality, semi-permanent pigment is inserted into the facial skin, creating a tattoo which mimics natural hair strokes, shading, powder make-up and/or depth and volume. Perfect for those with thin, scarred, or uneven eye brows, lashes or lips.

If you are looking for colour or shape correction of an existing procedure, please book a Consultation appointment prior to booking a procedure with MelaBeauty.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a tattooing procedure that imitates hair follicles. SMP restores the natural hairline of both male and female clients in the case of mild to complete baldness. This procedure is used to conceals varying forms of alopecia and to camouflage thinning, as well as effectively reduce the visual impact scarring, burns or blemishes on the scalp.

Eye lash extensions are tiny synthetic fibers that are attached to a client's natural eyelashes using adhesive to keep them in place for several weeks. They can be used to fill in areas where natural lashes are sparse, create length and volume, to make a client's eyes pop, or for those who simply want to save time on their tedious makeup routine.

MelaBeauty lash and brow services provide a more temporary result for clients who are looking to tint, curl or straighten their natural lashes or brows.

Perfect for a special event, or for those who are simply looking to save time during their daily routine, but are wary of committing to a permanent cosmetic procedure.

North American produced, Health Canada and FDA approved formula, vegan gel.


Results vary between 2-12 shades whiter than pre-treatment, although results are based on individual chemistry.

​The vegan gel is safe for those who are 16 year old and older, and follow-up treatments can safely take place every 3-6 months

For those looking for removal of permanent makeup, or regular body art tattoos, this all-natural method is a safe, cost-effective alternative to laser removal.   Perfect for removing discoloured pigment, or bad tattoo work. 

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Services: Hybrid Lash Extensions & Henna Brow

This is a 5 out of 5. We tried the hybrid lashes and a brow tint - in love! Melissa was professional, her studio is comfortable and inviting. The music she had on put me to sleep numerous times. Such a peaceful time. She was so gentle and caring throughout the process. All her tools are clean and she uses additional precautions as well to keep us all safe and healthy. I can’t wait to get a fill when all of this calms down.

Natural Beauty


Service: Classic Lash Extensions 

Myself and my daughter had our lashes done last night. It was my daughters first experience and she’s thrilled, it was something she was so excited for this and it was a great experience. Myself I’ve had it done a few times this was the best experience, I usually have very sensitive eyes from them being closed for 2 hours and the tape. Today my eyes are fine, not sensitive and they feel like they did before. Plus my lashes look completely natural.

Thank you!!

Beauty Salon


Services: Classic & Hybrid Extensions,

Lash Lift & Tint

The lash extensions are great. I tried a lash tint and lift, but with very few lashes, we gave lash extensions a try instead and I love them!