Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Saline Tattoo Removal

  • Permanent cosmetic or body art pigment removal

  • $150 per session. Only a 1" x 1" section of skin in the same area can safely be worked on per session.

  • Multiple treatments may be necessary for removal and will vary according to tattoo size, location, quality and depth of the implanted pigment.

The procedure package includes:

  • Health history review

  • Skin assessment and allergy testing (if desired)

  • Cleansing and preparation of the treatment area

  • Digital pre-procedure photo

  • Procedure topical anesthetic as needed

  • Digital post-procedure photo

  • Aftercare kit and instructions

What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

The procedure itself involves puncturing the skin using a tattoo machine or manual hand tool and depositing the removal solution in a similar manner to how the tattoo pigment was implanted in the first place. Saline tattoo removal uses osmosis to pull pigment contents which were previously implanted into your skin cells. By introducing a completely organic, sterile, hypertonic removal solution into those cells, water is pulled from the cells, with the tattoo pigment attached. The pigment will then scab on the surface of your skin, along with lymph fluid and blood as it coagulates. It then falls off as your scab heals through your body's natural healing process.


Does saline tattoo removal leave a scar?

The reality is that your tattoo itself, is a scar. With saline tattoo removal, like any form of tattoo removal, some scarring or color variations are likely. It can take up to a full year from the last manipulation for your skin to fully complete healing. The degree of scarring will vary depending on the original tattoo itself, the client’s healing properties, and the aftercare regime followed. Unlike a tattoo, with saline tattoo removal, our goal is to create a scab that will shed with the ink. If you pick at the scab during the healing process, you will almost definitely scar.


Does saline tattoo removal hurt?

We use a topical anesthetic to numb the procedure area. 


Are there any tattoos that you can’t or won’t remove?

MelaBeauty doesn't perform Saline Tattoo Removal on scalp tattoos, lip tattoos and permanent eyeliner areas. For these areas, I recommend you see another removal specialist.  This procedure works best on small tattoos. Larger tattoos require multiple appointments over extended periods of time to allow for coagulation and scabbing between sessions.  Laser is a far better option for larger tattoos.


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